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BuckNDinks Menu Makes It The Best Barbeque Food Truck In Michigan

While you search for the best barbeque food trucks in Michigan, Buck N Dinks will be in the list of best food trucks. There are multiple valid reasons for this food truck to come in the top list and menu is one of the main reasons that are found after the research.

The Menu at BuckNDinks- The Best Barbeque Food Truck in Michigan


Pulled Pork Sandwich-This is a delicious slow smoked pulled pork sandwich. The barbeque food truck serves a sliced dinner roll with Buck N Dinks BBQ sauce topped with two kosher dill pickle slices.

Chopped Brisket Sandwich-This is Buck N Dinks sandwich serviced on a slice of dinner roll with the BBQ sauce and is topped with kosher dill pickle slices.


If you love to eat Brisket, the famous bbq food truck in Detroit offers two full briskets that are stacked, laced and smoked to perfection. First, the brisket is chopped and then it is topped with the signature sauce of the truck.


The best barbeque food truck offers boneless pork butt that is slowly smoked, pulled and chopped to perfection.

Beef Chilli

The Michigan food service provider Buck N Dinks is made with hundred per cent ground chuck, IPA beer and red kidney beans.

Frito Pie

The bag of Fritos is topped with six ounces of IPA beef chili and has a blend of Mexican cheeses.

Hot Dog

The tasty hot dog is all beef made. It is served on a traditional bun.

Chili Dog

All beef hot dog is served on a traditional bun. Topped with IPA beef chili this dog is amazing.

Along with all the above-mentioned items, the food truck provides the best catering. If you are having a plan to party at a location of your choice, call Buck N Dinks for the finest catering.

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