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You can now import very large, high-resolution images (such as for your CAD drawings or in printing) directly into your CAD drawings. Use the Import objects (I-objects) command to add high-resolution images from an external folder, a file on your local hard drive, the web, or anywhere you can find them. (video: 1:26 min.)You can now use your favorite third-party CAD drawing tool with AutoCAD, and AutoCAD will send your drawings to that third-party tool, along with the edits you made to your drawings. Enable the Markup Import (M-import) feature to quickly and automatically send drawings to third-party tools.You can now build your own custom AutoLISP functions for applications that don’t support native AutoLISP functions. This capability allows you to use AutoLISP to create new, powerful applications that you can share with others. The Add-Ins feature lets you insert functions written in AutoLISP directly into your AutoCAD drawings.Many new support features for AutoCAD Raster Graphics (AcRGL):Raster graphics (RG)-type artwork will now be more responsive in 2D views, with smooth curves and high-resolution transparency.You can now customize the color-transparency relationship between graphic objects when they are combined.You can now apply a secondary color with transparency to a fill color to create a gradient-type fill pattern.You can now display all graphics properties in the properties palette.Use the custom stroke width slider to modify the stroke width of an object’s outline, regardless of the linetype.You can now create custom color fills that use transparency.Use the AutoMate utility to rotate and scale your graphic objects.You can now move, resize, and rotate a grouped item all at once, and you can now set the rotation center point to a specific location on the line or shape.You can now scale a subshape.You can now group a subshape by using the Group subshape option in the Select objects context menu.You can now copy the entire contents of a graphics object to another graphics object.You can now copy and paste graphic objects to anywhere on your drawing canvas.You can now copy a graphic object’ 2be273e24d

AutoCAD X64 [Updated-2022]

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